Athlete Spotlight: Liz Demers

In December 2017, Liz Demers (pictured above, center) was referred to me by Dr. Jordan Metzl, acclaimed Sports Medicine doc from the Hospital for Special Surgery. Her goal: return to running for good after several injuries, including a hip stress fracture. We worked together, gradually building her volume, using Dr. Metzl’s IronStrength workouts and her love of swimming to crosstrain and prevent injury as we ramped up her running. In April, she told me she was contemplating doing a triathlon and asked if I thought that was a safe move for her. I immediately said yes, as the dedication to training she had demonstrated and her 6+ months of running injury-free told me she was ready.  I quickly transitioned her to a customized triathlon training plan to fine tune her swim, bike and run.

Liz’s first triathlon appearance on July 22 in Hamilton, NJ at the NJ State Triathlon was epic. She raced the Sprint distance, which is an excellent introduction to the sport, and swam 500 meters, biking 11.5 miles, and running 3.1 miles. She completed it in 1:04:15. Her LIGHTNING FAST time also made her the 5th fastest female on the course.

I am so proud of Liz for her perseverance as we pushed through some seriously monotonous months of training early on as we conservatively built her volume to prevent further injuries. I am always impressed by her competitive spirit, grit. She held a fearless attitude towards her first-time performance in the sport of Triathlon. I know you will have many more podium finishes. CONGRATULATIONS!

Liz’s training continues, as we are now working towards a New York City Marathon finish in November. It’ll be Liz’s first marathon.

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