Team IronAve Healthy Cleanse

I host a Healthy Cleanse that kicks off on the first Tuesday of every month. The cleanse is currently underway! Anjali Pollack, Ariel Weiner and Lily Rhodehamel are joining me this month for the Cleanse (yes, I’m cleansing too, until Friday!). They’re on a mission to return to healthy habits after some summer months of fun.

This 7-day cleanse promotes frequent eating and cleansing your body with whole fruits and vegetables and all-natural herbal supplements. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a healthier lifestyle or want to jump start weight loss, the Healthy Cleanse will boost your energy and your metabolism to make you feel like your best self.

If you decide to join the Cleanse, you will be added to the Team IronAve private Facebook group where you will receive daily encouragement and tips to make the cleanse a success.

Learn more at myShaklee!

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