Athlete Testimonial: Lily R.

Goal race: Columbus Half marathon

Why is this race important to her? It’s her first half marathon, and she’s running it in her hometown with her sister.

In her words: Before running my first race, it was hard for me to imagine running 13 miles, especially after the holidays had left me out of shape and very unmotivated. That’s when I turned to Avery! While I am an avid runner, I had never ran a half before and was the most out of shape I had been in a while. My goal: to run this half, have FUN while doing it, and have my body feel good after it. After even just a few weeks, i felt back in my groove and was getting excited. Avery made a fitness plan that pushed me (aka got me out of bed at 7 am) but that was doable for the current state my fitness level was at. What I loved most about working with her though was that while she remained professional and really kicked my butt, she felt like a friend, which in return, made me not even want to let her down! My initial nerves about the race were that by the time it came around I would not feel ready, but boy was it the opposite! Not only was I beyond ready but I was antsy for the race day because I was so excited. The 13 miles were a breeze and crossing the finishing was one of the most accomplishing feelings but the best part was that I trained so hard that my body felt totally normal the next day. I can’t wait to run my second one this fall, and then take on that full marathon in the near future!

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