FitWild; Finding IronStrength

Ten years ago when I started running I didn’t call myself a runner and I certainly never dreamed of swimming, biking, and running all in the same race. Even after graduating from 5Ks to half marathons and from sprint triathlons to half Ironmans, I wouldn’t have called myself an athlete. Back then, I would have considered faking an allergic reaction to avoid doing burpees to whistle commands.

IronStrength is a total body workout consisting of body weight plyometric exercises to strengthen your kinetic chain. When I first heard the words “plyometric” and “kinetic chain” I was sitting in Dr. Metzl’s office – a first time marathoner-in-training with a foot injury. He explained that the kinetic chain is how all my joints and muscles work together. Literally, moving your muscles and joints causes a chain of events throughout your body. How can you ensure that chain is strong? Plyometric exercise – movements in which your muscles contract and rapidly explode, building strength along your kinetic chain to execute movements more flawlessly. Science.

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