She had a vision for me that was beyond my own wildest expectations!

I have been training with Avery full-time since June, 2019, and could tell right away that she is not your ordinary personal trainer.  First, although she is a two-time Ironman, a 4-time marathoner and has many other certifications, she is immensely relatable, warm and incredibly encouraging.  From our very first session, she made it her priority to understand my goals and capabilities, so that I could continue the progress I had made since I began training two years earlier.  What I didn’t realize, however, is that she had a vision for me that was beyond my own wildest expectations!

I began training in my early 50’s, as a way to stay fit and healthy as I aged.  Though I enjoyed being active, I was not what you’d call an athlete:  I had only recently run my first 5K, and couldn’t do a proper push-up!  By developing a thoughtful training plan consisting of varied, challenging and fun activities  leading to a series of exciting and achievable goals, Avery helped me build a passion for fitness that I didn’t think possible. 

However, it was not until I trained with Avery through the COVID-19 pandemic that I truly appreciated her unique gifts.  It is not an exaggeration to say that our weekly remote training sessions helped keep me sane during this incredibly trying time.  Not only did we continue to have very enjoyable and rigorous training sessions, but Avery continually amazed me with what we could accomplish with very little equipment, as well as her ability to see every detail of my form over Zoom!!

Suffice it to say, I cannot recommend Avery highly enough – she will definitely help you achieve “your impossible”!