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Avery Fiordaliso
Head Coach & Founder
I was the kid in school who walked the mile; the girl who never dared to call herself an athlete even though I was a fish in the water; The woman who laughed when my mom asked me to do a triathlon with her. For anyone who has ever doubted their ability, who doesn't know their own strength, who has been told they can't do something: I became a coach for you. Finish lines change lives. I'm on a mission to help others do things they once thought impossible. The only limits we have are self-imposed.

While my mom and I were both completing our Masters degrees, she suggested we do a sprint triathlon together. Neither of us had done one before.

“Swim in some dirty lake water?” I scoffed.

My mom started training and I quickly realized I didn’t want to be left in the dust. That finish line changed my life.

Completing - and enjoying - my first triathlon left me with a burning question: “what next?"

Race by race, I took on longer distances and eventually graduated to the ultimate triathlon: Ironman. It was a physical feat I once thought impossible, not to mention insane. Who could possibly do 140.6 miles in one day with no breaks and no car? Only an Ironman. But that’s the funny thing: there’s a reason they announce “you ARE an Ironman” when you cross the finish line… because you have to do it in order to be one. You may not be born an Ironman, but there is an Ironman inside each of us.

That first Ironman finish line changed me. It made me realize that I can do what I had once considered impossible. But more importantly, it made me realize that anyone can do it, you just have to try. So I set out to help others do things they once deemed impossible. I left a decade of corporate marketing for fortune 100 companies and became a USA Triathlon Coach, RRCA Running Coach, personal trainer and a Shaklee Health Coach, equipping myself with all the tools I found I needed in my own training path to holistically help others. Like all athletes, I got injured along the way but recovered each time thanks to Dr. Jordan Metzl’s (sports medicine physician from the Hospital for Special Surgery) IronStrength program. Today I partner with Dr. Metzl, specializing in injury prevention and recovery, and work closely with him to promote the importance of exercise as medicine.

I have been featured in Shape Magazine and Runner’s World and have appeared on The Today Show. I have a Masters of Business Administration from Rutgers Business School. I am a mom of two boys and two stepdaughters, and have a loving husband who is a wonderful, supportive sherpa while on the road. I split my time between our homes in New Jersey and New York City.

The best part of my day is knowing that I’m helping someone do things they once thought impossible. It’s only impossible until you do it.


You can do anything. The only limits we have are self-imposed.

Exercise is medicine. When you take care of your body, it takes care of you.

Everyone is different. We will find the right combination to optimize performance, prevent injury and make things fun.

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