High school student runs sub-4 minute mile, breaking record set in 1965

High school student runs sub-4 minute mile, breaking record set in 1965

A high school senior has broken a track and field record set in 1965 by running a sub-4 minute mile during a high school race, without a pacer. Gary Martin has gotten extremely close to breaking this record during other track meets this year, but at the Pennsylvania Catholic League Championship (PCL) on Monday, he finally ran a mile in …

FitWild; Finding IronStrength

Ten years ago when I started running I didn’t call myself a runner and I certainly never dreamed of swimming, biking, and running all in the same race. Even after graduating from 5Ks to half marathons and from sprint triathlons to half Ironmans, I wouldn’t have called myself an athlete. Back then, I would have considered faking an allergic reaction …

What do I get when I buy a custom training plan?

When you buy a custom training plan you’re buying more than a plan. You’re buying a customized plan and personal guide to help reach your goal. Your coach delivers a custom training plan to you via Training Peaks. As you complete workouts, you and your coach will communicate about your progress. Your goal may also require guidance on nutrition, or a race day plan – all of that will be included in your custom training.

How is a training plan written by my coach different than a training plan I find online or in a magazine?

A training plan written by your coach is unlike any other. It is written by a certified professional who uses years of personal and professional experience to determine what goes into your plan. It is based on your individual assessment and takes all personal factors (interests, fitness level, form, injury history, lifestyle needs, nutrition, goals) into account. It is customized, written specifically for you to optimize your performance. It also ensures you have individual instruction, motivation and guidance through the duration of your plan. Training plans you find online will be generic and designed for the general population, will not take any personal factors into account, and does not give you personalized instruction or motivation.

What is the difference between a coach and a personal trainer?

A coach provides a blueprint and frequent checks in, but ultimately you are responsible for completing your training without your coach standing over you. A personal training engagement provides hands on guidance and instruction during every workouts. Personal training ends up being a more day-to-day hands on process while a coaching engagement gives you greater independence.

How often do I work with my coach?

You will work with your coach in your initial fitness assessment (virtually or in person). Most engagements after that will be via text, phone, email, or Training Peaks – the frequency of these communications is largely up to the athlete. Additional in person or virtual sessions are add-ons when necessary.