Here's how we do your impossible.

Not just a coach. Not just a personal trainer. Not just a nutritionist.

The inspiration for Ironlife Coaching was born during my personal journey to Ironman, long before I became a Coach. Perhaps like you, I didn’t hire a coach that first time. I found a plan online, cobbled together a variety of resources, blindly experimented with fuel sources, watched a lot of YouTube tutorials, and prayed I was doing it right. After that first finish line, I reflected on everything I learned and how my first-timer experience could have been different. How would a coach have mentored and supported me? How might a personal trainer have helped me break through physical boundaries? How would a nutritionist taught me to properly fuel my body? Was there one person out there who even possessed this combined expertise? I launched Ironlife Coaching to address the fundamentals of what I found I needed most in one place: a personal trainer, a coach, and a nutritionist. I can be one or all of those things to help you do your impossible.

Running & Triathlon Coaching

Working with me as a running or triathlon coach allows you to benefit from all of my services - personal training, coaching and nutrition. We will discuss your goals, lifestyle, fitness experience and interests, injury and medical history, nutrition and anything else important to your success. We’ll then set up a fitness assessment so that I can analyze form and body mechanics of basic movements. Seeing how you move will allow me to build a program customized to your physical needs to optimize performance and prevent injury. I deliver your training plan via Training Peaks and it’s up to you to execute. I also provide a complete race day plan and fueling plan to take all the guesswork out of race day and nutrition. Coaching is a monthly service.

Personal Training

Working with me as a personal trainer means we meet 1:1 (in person or virtually) to execute a workout. I customize a workout to your goals, fitness level, interests, and medical history. No equipment or dedicated workout space is required for personal training - we will work with what you have and where you are; that’s the beauty of virtual training! Personal training sessions are typically one hour. Personal training is an hourly service.

Swim Technique & Instruction

Swimming is a unique discipline that requires specific attention and expertise and often is a skill that people want to work on outside of triathlon training. Working with me as a swim coach begins with me reviewing videos of you swimming. Once I assess your stroke, I’ll provide drills and structured swim workouts most beneficial to improving your swim. Swim technique & instruction an hourly or monthly service, depending on your needs.


I help a wide range of people meet their nutrition goals. From the working mom who wants to live a healthier lifestyle with her kids to the triathlete that wants to set a personal record on his next race, I have solutions. We will meet virtually to discuss goals, lifestyle, and dietary preferences. I will then create a customized nutrition plan for you. Your nutrition plan will be whole food-based and include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins. No gimmicks. No short-cuts. I believe that the food we eat is medicine for our bodies and how you eat can change the trajectory of your life. Nutrition coaching is a monthly service.